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Annual Report

Experience Corps Bay Area engages and trains volunteers over the age of 50 to tutor and mentor children who are at risk of falling behind in their academic work.  Often our students live in economically distressed neighborhoods and attend schools that are lower-performing than the district or state average – with large populations of at-risk and under-served students.

Of the students served by ECBA, recent data shows that over 90% were minority, 79% on average were eligible for free or reduced lunch (with several schools over 90%), and 44% English Language Learners (with one of our schools having an 88% ELL population while the state average is 24%).  Research (West Ed, 2004, “Key Findings, 5th Grade, Fall 2004, San Francisco Unified and Oakland Unified) shows that students are more likely to succeed academically and less likely to engage in risky behavior when they have opportunities for meaningful participation and high expectations and caring relationships with adults.

Caring, mature volunteers – many of whom live in the communities they serve – are essential to the success of our program.  ECBA volunteers are diverse, predominantly moderate or low-income, and some receive a modest stipend to cover their volunteer expenses.  Dedicated to building trust and rapport with students and teachers, they provide a strong commitment to the children and possess high quality tutoring skills.  School-year evaluations, compiled in 2014-2015 by the American Institutes for Research, confirm that ECBA excelled in tutoring students and helping public school teachers, while at the same time supporting older adults. Selected data is listed below:

Sustained Tutoring:

  • 73% of students tutored by ECBA volunteers improved by one or more additional grade levels in reading and literacy performance over the course of the year, with 40% of our first grade students reading on grade level by the end of the year.

Classroom Assistance:

  • 91% of teachers rated ECBA volunteers as having provided good or excellent overall quality of assistance
  • 88% of teachers rated ECBA volunteers as having a moderate or strong impact on improving students’ reading and literacy performance
  • 86% of teachers rated ECBA volunteers as good or excellent in being able to address student’s learning needs well

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